Join Us!


We are a team of volunteers from the greater Boston area, deeply passionate and committed to spreading joy, engaging and building stronger, happier communities.

There are various ways in which you can join the movement :

Star Thrivers

Always wanted to be a Star?

Star Thrivers help us “make things happen.” This group meets together with our core team as their schedules allow for them to and are committed to join or lead an event. Have an idea for a WOW experience and need our help to bring it to the streets? Come join us, pitch it and we will be thrilled to support you!

Interested in joining in on the thrill of being part of a bigger group and support a leader of an event? Come join us!  Stars have to commit to a full event, from beginning to wrap up and celebration, you can be a leader or practitioner, either way, you’ll be a star!

The Star Team is also the hub for all of our volunteers who reach out through the website or other mediums and want to become involved.

Community Partners

Individuals from the Greater Boston Area who we can call upon when we need them as they can offer a physical space, talent, profession, service etc. for our experiences. When we could use their help – we give them a shout!

Event(s) Supporter

Open to anyone interested in helping us during the time of an event. Be part of the team that makes things happen, from registration help, set up, clean up and anything the event might need your creative self.


Can’t commit?

We’d love to see you in our events. Join our mailing list and be in the know.

Please donate. We sponsor our own organization and events and lean on the kindness of our community. Your contribution will be used to spread joy. Thank you!

Please spread the word. We rely on the power of our community and word-of-mouth. Help us by letting others know, bring a friend or two, or ten to an event. Dare - bring a stranger.

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