2 people / 2 minutes / too many topics!


Join the team from #ThriveNowBoston at the Park Street T Stop near the Brewer Fountain, on Sunday, July 29, 11 a.m.

be a part of the launch of #Talk4Two in Boston!

Practice  an Attitude of Social Connections!  Cell phones not required!

Social conversation is one of the key actions of being human!

Too often we miss opportunities to engage with others, and even with

our loved ones we too often rely on a screen to facilitate conversations.

Today, you can connect. On July 29th we are here to hear and talk with you.

Simple and profound way to feel connected to your community!

– scientifically proven to increase your overall well-being and happiness.

Talk With You Soon!  

#thrivenowboston #WeWow #Talkfor2abouttoo



SUN 07/29 - 11/12.30PM

Brewer Fountain, Park Street T Stop
Boston, MA