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We design WOW experiences that spread happiness rooted in science of positive psychology. 

Thrive helps people live happier, healthier lives through experiences, personal growth opportunities and exercising emotional, physical and intellectual boundaries.
Thrive encourages experimentation, flow, discovery, and awe-inspiring surprise.

We are a group of volunteers committed to spreading HAPPINESS in our community and wherever we go.





Tue 06/19/2018

Celebrate Boston’s First #GratiTuesday and Make Every Tuesday… #GratiTuesday


What is happiness, really?

Happiness is our state of being at the intersection of meaning and pleasure. It’s the balance in our lives between experiences that give us short-term pleasure and provide long-lasting meaning.


40% of our happiness is our choice.

50% of our individual level of happiness is determined by our DNA; our “happiness set point”.

10% of our happiness is determined by external factors: food, water, shelter, basic financial stability. That leaves 40% of our potential individual level of happiness entirely up to us. To be happy… or not to be, through our intentional thoughts and purposeful actions, science tells us 40% is our choice.

Thrive creates opportunities for you to exercise your 40%…to take control of your happiness…to push your boundaries… to connect with others in new ways… to learn new skills and experience new things, all in an environment of fun, surprise, and connection. And since we know that happiness is contagious (it’s a science-based fact) when you get happier, so do those around you. And then, so do those around them, and those around them. And that is how we impact a community. One happy, thriving person at a time.

Share. Stretch. Smile. Connect.

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Every Thrive experience features these essential elements. Science tells us that interaction with other people is one of the biggest happiness generators, so each experience we create is shared; connecting people to one another. Research also confirms that stretching our own boundaries —physically, intellectually, emotionally—is another key driver of happiness.

And of course, Thrive experiences aim to leave you with a smile—inside and out.

The Thrive Creative Team designs community experiences in Boston.  As a satellite company of Thrive Cleveland

Practicing Gratitude is one of the principles in Positive Psychology that is proven to increase happiness.

We are deeply grateful to the team of Thrive Cleveland for their inspiration, information, and support in getting Thrive Now Boston off the ground. Thank you!






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